New Changes in Improving and Upgrading Foreign Trade – “New Three Kinds” Leading Exports through Wind and Waves

Since this year, the "new three kinds" of export of foreign trade represented by solar cells, lithium batteries, Alternative fuel vehicle, etc. has been very impressive, and has maintained rapid growth, which has become a vivid footnote to the improvement and upgrading of foreign trade, and is also becoming a new growth point of Jiangsu's export.

According to the statistics of Nanjing Customs, in the first five months of this year, the "new three types" of solar cells, lithium batteries and Alternative fuel vehicle in Jiangsu Province exported 44.84 billion yuan, 39.15 billion yuan and 3.9 billion yuan respectively, up 8%, 64.3% and 541.6% respectively.

Popular in overseas markets, with significant export growth. Recently, at Youhongmeng Smart Energy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., the intelligent and digital battery production workshop has been busy producing at full capacity; On the other hand, staff are tirelessly assembling household energy storage battery systems that have recently been exported overseas, which will be exported to more than 20 countries and regions worldwide.

The export volume in the first five months of this year, combined with orders in hand, has exceeded 120 million yuan, an increase of over 70% compared to the same period last year. The company's deputy general manager, Jiang Chuan, has been rooted in the industry for many years. He said that the lithium battery energy storage industry has entered a high-speed development stage from the early stage of growth. As a technology-based new energy enterprise that integrates energy storage system research and development, production, and sales, the company's export volume has been increasing year by year, and overseas markets are constantly expanding.

Wuxi Sakote New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise, has exported nearly 300 million yuan in components, photovoltaic cells, energy storage batteries, photovoltaic systems, and other related products since the beginning of this year. Diversification of products is the key to our market growth, "said the head of the company's marketing department. In order to meet the needs of different target market customers, the company has accurately developed segmented products such as low-voltage 5-degree lithium batteries to high-voltage 30-degree lithium batteries, and can adapt to mainstream inverters in the market.

Demand driven, has heated up the "new three types" export market, but if enterprises want to achieve sustained growth, they still need to rely on research and development to win competitiveness. Currently, Sakote New Energy Company is actively building a one-stop supplier of photovoltaic modules, BIPV, and energy storage solutions. Its product line includes modules, batteries, inverters, and has established a comprehensive overseas operation and maintenance team. The developed all-in-one machine has received many customer bookings, The South African market has been very hot this year, and we mainly focus on exploring the mid to high end market. It can be expected that in the second half of this year, the company's export volume of high-voltage lithium batteries will continue to increase, and low-voltage lithium batteries will continue to grow steadily.

Post time: Jul-04-2023